The Dupar Foundation is a non-operating private foundation as defined by section 509 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is restricted to making grants and contributions to qualified organizations and institutions within the State of Washington. Among those activities and functions not supported by the Foundation are the following:

a) Art programs
b) Hungry/Homeless programs
c) Assistance or grants to individuals, except as participants chosen by a supported institution in an organized scholarship program. This foundation exercises no direction in the selection of recipients of scholarships supported by funds granted to such educational institutions.
d) Voter registration or efforts to influence any election
e) Expenditures for non-charitable purposes
f) Annual community chest, United Way or other similar campaigns other than in King County
g) Projects incurring obligations extending over many years which would inhibit alternate support, and limit the foundationís grant flexibility
h) Endowments
i) Capital campaigns
j) Production of books, films or videos
k) Conferences, seminars or attendance at same
l) Groups raising money for school-related tours
m) Environmental issues